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Vertical and Horizontal Siding: Their Pros

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When replacing your siding, you can choose between vertical and horizontal siding. Unfortunately, not a lot of homeowners know which one would work best for their homes. So, it’s important to know the pros of each type of siding.

Advantages of Vertical Siding

Vertical siding is not extremely common. However, it is steadily gaining popularity as it comes with a wide range of advantages for you and your home. For instance, it’s a good way of giving your home a more unique appearance during your exterior remodeling project. Apart from that, it’s also much easier to clean, allowing you to save a significant amount of time and money from its upkeep every year.

Advantages of Horizontal Siding

Like vertical siding, horizontal siding comes with its own set of advantages as well. For example, it’s the less costly option between the two, making it ideal for homeowners who are replacing their siding on a budget. Other than that, it’s also fairly easy to install compared to vertical siding, which can help reduce your overall labor costs in the process.

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