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5 Tips to Help Prepare Your Home for a Roofing Project

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Replacing your roof can disrupt your daily routine, and, if you’re not careful, some of the things around your home can be damaged in the process as well. With that in mind, as the homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your home is adequately prepared for the roofing project.

Here are the five tips you can follow when trying to prepare your home for a roofing project.

  1. Cut your grass – Before the roofing project commences, it’s highly recommended that you cut your grass. By doing so, you can make your contractor’s job a little easier because the shorter grass will make it easier for them to recover any nails or staples that may have fallen during the replacement project.

  1. Store your lawn furniture – Experts recommend that you store your lawn furniture to minimize potential damage.

  1. Protect the items in your attic – While your contractor will try to reduce mess, dirt and debris are still an inevitable part of your job. Therefore, if you have anything stored in the attic, consider covering them up with a tarp or plastic sheeting in order to protect them during the roofing job.

  1. Move your cars – The night before the roofing project starts, be sure to remove your cars from the driveway as your roofing contractor may need to use it for the dumpster or their own vehicles. In the meantime, you can park them across the street or a safe distance away from your home so they won’t be damaged while your roof is being replaced.

  1. Remove items on the walls – On the other hand, since a roofing project involves a lot of hammering, it’s best if you remove any decorations that are hanging on the walls of your home. That way, they won’t fall or sustain any damage while your roof is being replaced.

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