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Things to Ask Your Gutter Installer Before Buying

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Your gutter system can affect the overall look of your home as well as its protection against water damage. Gutters and downspouts divert water away from your property, keeping your exterior, roof, and foundation in good shape. Before purchasing gutters, there are different factors you must consider.

A leading roofing company shares questions to ask a gutter installer before purchasing. 

What Type of Seams Do You Use on Corners?

The lesser the seams on the corners, the less likely a leak would occur. Box miter is the most popular corner seam due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. You can also go for a strip miter, which is formed in the corner and secured by a separate thinner aluminum strip. Then there’s custom hand mitered, which can be made by a skilled gutter installer. It is lighter, stronger, more durable, and only has one seam per corner.  

Should I Go for Aluminum Gutters Over Galvanized Ones?

Whether it’s for roof repair or gutter installation, choosing quality materials is key to a long-lasting system. Galvanized gutters are the most-preferred option until the 1980s. This material is malleable and easy to install but prone to decay and corrosion. Meanwhile, aluminum is today’s industry standard. Unlike galvanized gutters, it doesn’t corrode and can be easily rolled by a gutter machine on-site. 

What Do You Use for Securing Gutters to the House?

A gutter installer can either use nails or screws to fasten the gutters to your home. Nails or spikes go through the outside of the gutters and penetrate the inside and attach into the fascia and rafter. The downside of nails is that they can become loose over time because of the weight of water, causing the gutters to sag. On the other hand, screws don’t pull out over time nor corrode.

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