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How to Choose Between Neutral or Bold Gutter Colors

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It can’t be denied that style and material are both important aspects of a gutter system. However, there’s one more factor that’s just as important: color.

Neutral Colors

If you prefer subtlety or if you simply don’t want your gutters to stand out too much, then neutral-colored gutters are the ones for you. Luckily, the majority of gutter installers offer a wide range of gutters that come in more muted colors, such as beige, white or gray. Neutral colors are also ideal if your homeowners’ association (HOA) has guidelines against bright gutter colors.

Bold Colors

Bright green, sunny yellow and hot pink are just some of the bold gutter colors from which you can choose. As long as it goes well with your home’s architectural style, and it doesn’t clash with the rest of your property’s exterior style, bold gutter colors shouldn’t be an issue. If you’ve always wanted brightly colored gutters, but haven’t found the chance (or courage) to make the leap, you can have them installed during a roof replacement project.

Of course, you should still check with your HOA regarding the acceptable gutter colors for your neighborhood lest you incur fines. When that’s out of the way, the best way to determine whether neutral or bold colors are your best bet for your gutters is to refer to your home’s architectural style. Interestingly, modern or contemporary homes look better with subtle-colored gutters while bright gutters go well with homes with traditional styles.

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