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How Do You Prepare for a Siding Replacement?

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A siding replacement can improve your home’s energy efficiency and increase its curb appeal. Proper preparation can contribute to the success of this project. The exterior surfaces must be smooth if you want your new siding to look sleek and clean. Here are other preparations you need to make.

Do Your Research

You have to choose the right siding, material, color and design for your home. Research different material options, installation methods and maintenance. Some of today’s most popular low-maintenance siding materials include vinyl and fiber cement. 

Hire the Right Contractor

Whether you need a roof repair or new siding, you must hire the right contractor to do the job. Choose a company with years of experience, certifications and positive customer reviews. Hire a contractor that has experience with your chosen siding material. At American Roofing & Construction, LLC, we work with top manufacturers to provide you the best products and services. This also allows us to offer you extensive warranties on material and labor. 

Work Area Preparations

To prevent delays, make sure that you clear the site before the installers arrive. Trim trees near your exterior walls and where the installation will take place. This will prevent them from possibly damaging your new siding. Remove furniture, lawn decor and other items from the work area. You also need to switch off your outdoor lights and remove your light fixtures. 

Siding installation can produce strong vibrations that can cause picture frames and wall art to fall. Remove loose items like mirrors and decor. Move shelves and other furniture away from the walls to prevent damage.  

Turn to American Roofing & Construction, LLC for superior home exterior services. We are your leading roofer and siding installer. Call us at (910) 202-6142 (Southern Pines) or (919) 230-7074 (Raleigh), or fill out our online form to request an estimate. 

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