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Why You Can’t Go Wrong With Professional Gutter Installations

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Whatever home improvement project you might be interested in, you can’t go wrong with entrusting it to a professional roofer. Even gutter installations? Especially gutter installations! 

Professional Gutter Installations

Here’s why:

Proper gutter installation requires accurate measurements. While you can most definitely learn how to do these measurements on your own, they are simply far too important to risk. A gutter and roofing company is not only knowledgeable but experienced as well. The team can assess where adjustments in measurements should be done depending on the installation situation.

Basic Gutter Installation Requirements

  • Gutter slope – Gutters only appear straight, but they actually slope at a pitch of around 1/4 inch for every 10 feet of horizontal run. Gutters that are too low won’t allow rainwater to drain properly, causing overflows and pooling while those that are too steep will look misaligned with the roofline, negatively affecting curb appeal for a home.
  • Hanger spacing – To ensure all of the weight of a gutter system is properly supported, hangers have to be spaced right depending on how much rain an area experiences. For areas with a lot of rain, gutter hangers can’t be more than 18 inches apart while areas that don’t have a lot of rain should have gutters with hangers not more than 36 inches apart.
  • Gutter placement – As rainwater flows down from a roof, it actually pulls back on the underside of a roofing system before falling off. This is why gutters have to be placed a few inches lower than the roof line and not directly beside it. 

American Roofing & Construction, LLC is the expert to trust for all your gutter and roof repair requirements. To learn more about what we can do for you, just give us a call at (910) 964 0114, or fill out our contact form. Ask us for a FREE estimate today!

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