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House Wrap 101: Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’re planning a siding replacement project, make sure to take a closer look at the durability and performance of the material you’re going to use. Consider all the elements that would help you maximize your siding and ensure its long lifespan. For instance, you might want to check how a house wrap could benefit your new siding.

House Wrap

What Is a House Wrap?

A house wrap is an additional layer of protection against wind or moisture. When used as a barrier against moisture, you can count on the permeability of a house wrap to enable water vapor to pass through the material while keeping the water droplets out. This design allows the house wrap to dry easily and prevent mold growth.

On the other hand, if a house wrap is used to protect against wind, you can expect the material to seal the gaps in the plywood sheathing or oriented strand board (OSB) panels. As a result, the house wrap can keep drafts from the insulation and prevent heated or cooled air from seeping through your walls.

When Is a House Wrap Installed?

If you’re working with a siding installer for a project, you can consult with the team to determine if your home would benefit from a house wrap. You should also check local building codes to learn more about the house wrap requirements for your home. Typically, a house wrap is a good option to consider if your siding is made of aluminum, vinyl or wood.

What Are the Benefits of a House Wrap?

If you have vinyl siding, a house wrap can offer extra protection for your home in the event that cracks form due to strong winds or flying debris. Cracks enable water to penetrate the siding. But with a house wrap, you can minimize or prevent damage to your home.

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