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3 Excellent Reasons to Replace Your Siding

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Have you checked your siding lately? When it is already old, rotting or chipped in places, you should consider having it replaced with a newer, better one. You’ll find that a siding replacement offers many advantages that make it well worth the investment. Here are some of the reasons to have your siding replaced.

siding replacement
  1. You want to keep your home safer from weather damage. Old and failing siding will have cracks, holes and other openings that make it easier for wind-driven rain and moisture to seep through and into your home. This won’t be an issue when you have new siding installed. It serves as a barrier that heads off the harsh elements, keeping your home safe and intact from damage. Siding is available in a wide selection of materials – each one of them delivering weather protection to varying results. Some of the most popular options include vinyl, fiber cement and aluminum.
  1. You want to increase your home’s curb appeal. A warped and faded exterior won’t do your home any favors in the aesthetics department. But a new siding definitely will. You are free to customize your replacement siding in your choice of color, profile and trim. You can even mix different siding profiles and finishes to create a truly unique look for your home’s exterior. 
  1. You want to improve your home’s thermal comfort and efficiency.  New siding can insulate your home better from outdoor temperatures. By preventing heat or cold from transferring into your living space from the outside, you can keep the indoor environment pleasant and consistent. This also means your HVAC system won’t work overtime just to fill the thermal gap, allowing for greater energy savings.

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