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How Wind Can Damage Your Gutter System

Rain, hail and sun can cause damage to your gutter system in different ways. But you have to be especially watchful of strong winds. Here’s why.

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What Exactly Happens?

The pressure exerted by high wind speeds tends to move upward when they blow against your exterior wall. That energy can cause your gutters to rock back and forth, and this repeated movement can lead to metal fatigue on the gutter components. The hangers and fasteners may become loose, for example. Cracks and other damage may also develop on the material. 

Not only that – strong winds can pick up large debris or break off the limbs of nearby trees and have them crash against your gutters and roofing. Dents and tears on the system become more than a possibility because of this. And in more serious cases, the damage caused by wind-blown debris can even knock the gutters out of place.

Mitigating Wind Damage on Your Gutters

But here’s the good news: there are a couple ways to avoid – or at least reduce – wind damage to your gutter system. For instance, you can:

  • Turn to a reliable gutter and roofing contractor like American Roofing & Construction, LLC for a thorough gutter inspection and maintenance. This is especially important when you know it’s storm season in your area. We’ll have our skilled and experienced team check the condition of the hangers and fasteners to determine whether the gutters are still firmly in place. If necessary, we’ll take steps to reinforce them. 
  • Have any tree branches hanging over your gutters and roofing trimmed back. Otherwise, high winds can have them whipping or crashing against the system during a storm. Cutting back encroaching tree limbs can also significantly reduce the possibility of gutter congestion. 

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