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What to Do if You Suspect Roof Damage Following a Hailstorm

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Hailstones falling from the sky vary in size and density. Nevertheless, they can cause significant damage to homes, leaving dents on gutters and siding, and shards of broken window glass. While the roof takes the full brunt of a hailstorm, it can be tough to uncover hidden signs of damage unless you have an expert perform a thorough inspection.

 Roof Damage

If you suspect your roof suffered damage following a hailstorm, you must know what to do next. As soon as the weather clears, make sure you keep these steps in mind.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

Once it’s safe to go out, proceed to your yard and look for hailstones. Take photos of them, including the biggest one you can find. You can then show it to your roofer – it will help them determine the full extent of the potential damage your roof may have suffered. Afterwards, walk to your downspouts and check if granules have accumulated there. Take note of this as well so you can tell your contractor later. Inspect the gutters as well for any signs of dents or punctures.

Call Your Local Roofing Contractor

If you think your roof sustained damage, make a quick call to your local roofing contractors for an inspection. They will be able to assess the roof surface, identify any damage and perform the necessary repairs. However, keep an eye out for roofers arriving in your town after the storm. These are the so-called “storm chasers”. While they offer lower prices for the roof repair, they may end up giving you shoddy workmanship just so they can move to the next roof repair.

Call Your Insurance Company

After calling your local roofer, get in touch with your insurance provider next. Make sure to file claims as soon as possible. Some insurance companies send their own roofers to inspect your roof and give you an estimate of repair costs. However, it’s not bad to have it inspected beforehand. Make sure that you’re getting a fair price and that the bid will fix your roof damage.

When it comes to dealing with a hail-damaged roof, choose a contractor that has a reputation within the local community and practices good business habits. At American Roofing & Construction, LLC, our goal is to restore your property to its original state prior to the hailstorm hitting your area. Count on us to work with your insurance company, helping you navigate the process of filing a claim so you can rest easy.

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