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Shingle Blow-Off: Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

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Different weather conditions can damage your roof in a variety of ways. High wind speeds, for example, can gradually loosen your roofing shingles and cause them to blow off. If you’re actually dealing with this problem at present, you may be wondering whether you should go for a roof repair or a replacement. 

Shingle Blow-Off

Should You Have Your Roof Repaired?

Roof repairs offer a simple and cost-effective way to deal with wind damage to your shingles. All your contractor has to do is replace the blown-off shingles with newer ones. This allows you to avoid the hassle and costs of a full roof replacement. However, repairing roof wind damage also has a few downsides. For starters, the newer shingles are often more vibrant than the old ones, causing your roof to look uneven. This, in turn, can affect your home’s curb appeal. And if the roof repair isn’t done promptly, it may be possible that water has already leaked through the decking and into the attic, encouraging the growth of mold and rot.

Is Roof Replacement the Best Option?

Damage caused by high winds is only ever serious when the existing roof has already been compromised. That’s why you should consider a roof replacement if a significant number of shingles have been loosened or blown off during a windstorm. It can only mean that the shingles are no longer adhering to the roof properly – a typical indication of possible roof failure. You’ll want to avoid further damage to your roof and home structure, so turn to American Roofing & Construction, LLC as soon as possible for a replacement roof estimate.

North Carolina homeowners know that when it comes to a safe and worry-free roof replacement, we are the only name to call. We offer a wide selection of top-tier asphalt shingle roofing systems from trusted industry names, such as GAF and Owens Corning®. And because we are certified by these same brands, we can ensure that your project will be done perfectly right the first time.

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American Roofing & Construction, LLC is your go-to company for high-quality roof replacement and repair. Choose us for the job, and expect only customer-centric service and exceptional workmanship backed by over 15 years of experience. Call us today at (910) 964-0114 (Southern Pines, NC) or (919) 917-2118 (Raleigh, NC). You can also fill out this contact form to schedule a roof evaluation. We proudly serve the communities in and around Moore and Wake counties.

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