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Protecting the Exterior and Garden During a Roof Replacement

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Given how large and complex a roof replacement can be, it may not come as a surprise that the project will generate considerable mess. That’s why you’ll want to take measures that can keep your home exterior and garden safe and intact during the process. 

Roof Replacement
  1. Communicate your needs with your roofing contractor. The fact is that you’re not solely responsible for keeping your home and landscaping safe during the roof replacement. Make sure your choice of roofer also will also have protective measures in place. This is especially crucial for those areas that need special protection, such as the pool, hot tub, play area or vegetable garden. Being on the same page about this goes a long way to ensuring a smoother and safer experience.
  1. Clear the area immediately below your roof. This means putting away outdoor furniture, gardening equipment, children’s toys and other items in the storage shed before your roofing contractor arrives. If you don’t have the storage space, you can cover them with tarps to prevent any damage caused by flying debris. The same goes for flowers, shrubs or any grassy areas directly below the roof. In the meantime, any personal vehicles in the driveway should be parked on the opposite side of the street.
  1. Make sure the trash bin or dumpster is positioned appropriately. The best location for the trash bin is usually the driveway. To ensure the bin won’t create dents or scrapes on your driveway, have it placed over protective plywood sheets. The same rule applies if the driveway will be used to stage the new roofing materials. It’s better that the shingles are placed on the driveway or any hard surface so the grass can remain intact and to avoid leaving ruts in your front yard. 

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