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What Is Involved in a Gutter Inspection?

Gutters are responsible for transporting runoff from the roof to a proper drainage system. Without a functioning gutter system, a host of expensive problems can occur, such as overflows, mold growth and even corrosion. So, how do you inspect your gutters like a pro? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

 Gutter Inspection

Inspect Your Gutters From the Ground Up

First off, gutter specialists conduct a brief inspection of the gutter runs, downspouts, endcaps and miter from the ground up. Any points of concern – such as missing components, sections pulling away from the roof and evidence of leaks – will be looked at more thoroughly during the second phase of the inspection.

Do a Closer Inspection of the Gutters

In order to properly inspect the inner surface of your gutters, all the debris must be removed first. Gutter specialists typically use a hose to run water through the gutters, making sure that it flows seamlessly down to the downspouts without leaking. They also check the condition of the fasteners and hangers to ensure they are in good condition and not coming loose.

How About Gutter Guards?

If you have covers or screens installed over your gutters, the gutter specialist will inspect them as well. Any gaps due to improper installation, clogs from leaves and debris, or animal nests will be noted. If your gutter protection system is in top shape, then your inner gutter system should be clear of issues too.

Need Professional Help Inspecting Your Gutters?

Leaks and gutter issues are relatively easy to spot, but addressing them on time is a different ball game. Let our gutter specialists at American Roofing & Construction, LLC handle all your gutter inspection and repair needs. Just give us a call at (910) 964-0114 (Southern Pines) or (919) 917-2118 (Raleigh). You can also fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.

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