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A Guide to Storm Damage Settlements

Replacing an exterior can be expensive and daunting. Unfortunately, storm damage often leads to the need for a replacement, which may leave homeowners wondering what their options are when it comes to replacing investments. One option is obtaining a storm-damage settlement with your insurance company. Understanding what the process entails and whether or not you should accept the first offer presented by your insurer will help ensure a favorable deal for you. 

Here’s what you need to know, courtesy of American Roofing & Construction, LLC, your reliable roofer in Raleigh, NC.

Storm Damage Settlements

What Is a Storm Damage Settlement?

A storm-damage settlement is an agreement between you and your insurance company that entails compensation for storm damage restoration. In such cases, the insurer will pay out a set amount after assessing the severity and extent of the damage.

What to Do When You Receive a Settlement

When you receive your settlement, the first step is to review the offer closely. Carefully consider how much money is being offered and determine whether this amount will be sufficient to cover all of the expenses associated with replacing the exterior of your home. If not, you must contact your insurer and discuss the damage and additional costs, such as labor or material fees.

Should You Accept the First Offer?

In most cases, it is best not to accept the first offer presented by your insurer. Remember, they are making money and will likely try to offer you the lowest amount possible. If you have room for negotiation, use this opportunity and speak with your insurance provider about adjusting the settlement accordingly. A professional contractor or representative can help provide clarity when needed during these discussions.

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Dealing with roof repair or replacement due to storm damage can be exhausting and costly. Before accepting a settlement offer from your insurance company, it is highly recommended that you consult with a reputable roofing company, carefully review the settlement amount and discuss any necessary restructuring if needed.

You can rely on American Roofing & Construction, LLC for a comprehensive roof inspection and an accurate quote for the necessary storm damage restoration. With years of experience serving our community, our dedicated team can guarantee to make the process as easy as possible. Contact us at our offices in Southern Pines at (910) 964-0114 and Raleigh at (919) 917-2118.

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