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A Guide to Picking the Right Siding Color

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Choosing the right color for your new siding is a huge decision. It’s like picking a new hairstyle or buying a new outfit for your house. In this blog post, we discuss some important considerations to help you select the perfect siding color for your home.


Consider Your Home’s Style and Architecture

Your siding should extend your home’s architectural style and design. Craftsman-style homes, for example, often look stunning with colors like dark blue and green. Meanwhile, contemporary homes look gorgeous in shades of gray, taupe or mocha. Before choosing a siding color, it pays to understand what works with your home’s design.

Take Note of Your Surroundings

Another consideration when picking a siding color is your home’s surroundings. A house nestled in a leafy suburb with plenty of greenery would look great in earthy colors. Greens, browns or grays would work well. If you live in a more urban area, bolder colors will help your home stand out. Your siding replacement contractor can help you select a color that flatters your home and complements its environment.

Light vs. Dark Siding 

The debate between light and dark siding colors has still got homeowners divided. Light colors can add a bright, fresh look to your home. They can also reflect energy from the sun. This helps your home remain cooler, especially in the summer. 


Dark colors, on the other hand, can create an elegant, sophisticated vibe. They also tend to absorb more heat, so such hues can help keep your home warm in the winter. That said, the best choice for your home will also depend on your local climate.

Consider the Impact of Color

When selecting a color for your siding, always consider its impact. Cool colors can recede, creating the illusion of more space. Warm colors, on the other hand, can make a room feel closer. Select a hue that can create the effect you want. 

Coordinating With Your Roof Color

The color of your roof and siding should work together. You want them to be complementary. It’s best to avoid colors that clash or make your home look too busy. Use the same family of colors for your siding and roofing. For example, a cool gray roof could look great with light gray siding. 

Weigh Your Options 

Your siding contractor will be able to provide a range of samples for you to choose from. With all the options available, it’s best to take your time. Ask to view color samples in outdoor lighting and with existing landscaping. See how the colors look at different times of the day too. Also, don’t forget to ask for an estimate to get an idea of how much the project will cost.

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