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5 Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding

If you need a better siding product to replace your clapboard siding, you can’t go wrong with vinyl. Here’s why.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

Many people choose vinyl siding because the upfront cost is comparatively lower, compared to most siding options. When you consider long-term savings derived from its low-maintenance properties and energy efficiency (for insulated vinyl siding options), it brings its lifetime cost even lower.

2. It’s Energy-Efficient 

Insulated vinyl siding improves upon exterior wall insulation, which helps slow down thermal transfer. This results in lower indoor cooling and heating requirements that lead to energy savings, especially when combined with insulated roofing and energy-efficient windows and entry doors. It can also help reduce everyday strain on your heating and cooling systems and help prolong their lifespan.

3. It’s Versatile 

As an extruded product, vinyl siding can be manufactured into any imaginable shape, size and profile. In addition to the standard clapboard style, vinyl siding manufacturers offer options that mimic cedar shakes, board-and-batten and even uncommon styles, such as Victorian scallops. Every siding installer will find vinyl siding easy to work with and works with virtually any home style. You can choose whatever style you can imagine and still benefit from features that only vinyl siding can offer.

4. It’s Virtually Maintenance-Free 

Vinyl siding sets the gold standard when it comes to siding maintenance requirements. It resists pests and the effects of moisture, including rot. Vinyl siding comes in molded-in colors, which eliminates the need to scrape and repaint it every few years. Keeping it clean doesn’t require much work. Dirty vinyl siding can be mostly cleaned with water from a garden hose. Household dish detergent can be used to remove stubborn dirt.

5. It’s Environmentally Friendly 

Vinyl is one of the few types of building materials that can be recycled repeatedly. This means old vinyl siding, if disposed properly, will have minimal impact on local landfills. Vinyl can also be recycled into various products, from water pipes to consumer products, such as toys and phonographic records.

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