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The Various Ways Roofing Contractors Cut Corners

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roof replacement project is a job that you shouldn’t try to do on your oen. Instead, it should be left in the hands of competent contractors. However, while there are many competent and reliable contractors out there, there are also a few less-than-reputable ones who may even cut corners on your roofing project if you hire them.

Here are the different ways unreliable contractors cut corners on your roofing project:

Improper Ice and Water Shield Installation

The ice and water shield of your roof are critical components that can help prolong its lifespan. Most building codes say that these ice and water shields must be installed 24 inches from the exterior wall, and, unfortunately, that’s one of the ways roofers cut corners on a roofing project. By installing the minimum requirement of 24 inches, they’ll be able to save more money in the process.

Using Lower-Grade Shingles

Using lower-grade shingles on the roofing project is another way an unscrupulous roofing contractor can cut corners on your replacement project. This is because lower-grade shingles often have factory defects, and, therefore, they’ll cost less to obtain. Unfortunately, installing these types of shingles on your roof will leave you vulnerable to uplift and leaks, which can lead to costly repairs in the long run.

Not Using Enough Nails

Another common way that bad roofers cut corners on roofing projects is to avoid using the right amount of nails to attach your shingles to the structure itself. While this may not sound like a problem, the amount of nails that your roofer uses on your roofing project can dictate how long the new roof will last. This is because if your shingles are inadequately nailed, wind and moisture can easily get under them and cause damage to your roof deck, especially during a storm.

Why Hire a GAF Master Elite® Contractor?

With the aforementioned methods and their results brought to light, it’s clear that you don’t want to hire a bad contractor. With that in mind, consider hiring GAF’s Master Elite® contractors. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about them cutting any corners as these contractors have a proven reputation of providing homeowners with quality workmanship and the best customer service possible.

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