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The Benefits an EPDM Roof Brings to Your Building

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The Benefits An EPDM Roof Brings To Your Building

There are a number of options when it comes to commercial roofing materials. Practically every roofing contractor offers more than one option so they can address different customers’ various needs, such as budget, the location of the building, the size of the roof, etc.

One of the most popular commercial roofing materials is ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM). This is a type of rubber roofing system. 

There are several reasons to consider an EPDM roof:


Low Cost

Most building owners on a budget would choose EPDM. When you ask contractors for an estimate, the difference might be in the cost of labor as most EPDMs are affordable. 


Fire Retardant

In case a fire breaks out, an EPDM roof is highly unlikely to contribute to the flames. It’s actually a fire retardant, which means it can slow down the spread of fire so that’s a high score for fire safety.



When you hire a highly skilled contractor to install your EPDM, you can expect it to last long. EPDM roofs can go for 20 years or longer. Modern EPDM roofs, when fairly new, are impervious to heat and ultraviolet (UV) damage as well as resistant to high winds and three-inch hail. 



To improve your building’s energy efficiency, ask your contractor about installing a white instead of black EPDM roof for maximum solar reflectiveness. The reflective surface, paired with polyiso insulation, can contribute significant improvement to your building’s energy efficiency.

American Roofing & Construction, LLC can install an EPDM roof on your building. We are a trusted commercial and residential roofer. Get in touch with us today at (919) 917-2118 (Raleigh) or at (910) 964-0114 (Southern Pines). We can discuss your roofing needs, and give you a free roof estimate.

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