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Reasons You Should Not Ignore Hail Damage on Your Roof

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After an extreme weather event, you should have your roof inspected by a reliable roofing contractor. Many times, the effects of storm damage, especially hail, on your roof are not obvious until water starts leaking into your home. Having your roof checked by a professional can help in detecting and addressing issues while they are small. It is one way as well to save on significant repair costs. 


Read on to learn the risks of ignoring hail damage on your roof. 

Your Roof’s Lifespan May Suffer

Hailstones can loosen the granules that are protecting your shingles against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Without these granules, your roof will lose its defense against the sun, and shingles may turn brittle. The exposed areas hit by hail will eventually become susceptible to leaks. 

You may face moisture-related issues, such as rot and mold and mildew growth, once water penetrates your interior. Keep in mind that mold is not only unsightly, but can also affect the health of your household. By addressing hail damage as soon as possible, you can delay the need for a roof replacement

Your Insurer May Decline Your Claim

Many insurance providers have a set deadline of until when you can file a claim after your roof suffered damage. Your insurer may turn down your claim if you delay repairs. Insurance companies usually believe that it is your responsibility as a homeowner to maintain your roof and prevent roof leaks. The longer you wait to file a claim and get repairs, the more likely your insurer may refuse your claim. 

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