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How Important Is Roofing Underlayment?

A complete, optimally functioning roofing system is comprised of various parts, each with their own function and importance. In this article, trusted roof replacement contractor American Roofing & Construction, LLC talks about roofing underlayment, one of the most overlooked components of a roofing system.


What’s a Roof Underlayment?

A roofing underlayment is a material, usually waterproof or water-resistant, that’s fastened directly onto your roof deck under all the other roofing materials. The underlayment provides an additional layer of protection against all sorts of damage, whether it’s from harsh weather conditions or from the elements. When water enters a compromised roof, the roofing underlayment is the last layer it has to go through when it has already leaked through every other barrier of the roofing system.

Underlayment materials usually come in three types, which are asphalt saturated, non-bitumen synthetic, and rubberized asphalt. Of these, asphalt saturated underlayment used to be the most widely used because it is flexible, readily available, and affordable. If you want an upgraded version that’s designed for whole-roof application, non-bitumen synthetic is your best bet. For an even better performing underlayment, your roofing contractor would recommend rubberized asphalt. 

What Else?

Apart from protecting the roofing materials from the damaging effects of external factors, the underlayment also protects the roof from the chemicals in the shingles. Without the underlayment, the chemicals from your shingles can melt into the roof deck due to the heat from the sun. This is why you need a that won’t cut corners and skip steps when it comes to roofing installation.

Needless to say, roofing underlayment is extremely important and should not be overlooked. As such, your choice in the proper underlayment material suitable to your roofing system counts toward a durable and reliable roofing. Your chosen roofer also has a say in how well all the parts will be installed.

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