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Commercial Roof Maintenance Strategy: 4 Questions to Answer

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As a commercial property owner or manager, you need a roof management strategy to make sure that your commercial roof is properly maintained. This means you will have to provide accurate information to your roofing contractors when they assess your roof’s condition. Here are the questions that you will need to answer when planning your commercial roof maintenance strategy.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Strategy

1. What’s in your building?  Your property will have different roofing requirements depending on what it will be used for on a daily basis. Will your building have heavy machinery or be used as an office? Will it be occupied 24 hours a day or just during daytime hours? Everything from roof selection to maintenance requirements will be decided by the building’s purpose.

2. What’s your general approach to maintenance? Some people take the reactive approach to roofing care as in they would only take action when a problem like a leak is brought to their attention. Others take the preventive approach, and stick to scheduled inspections. While the former isn’t ideal, sometimes, it can’t be helped. Perhaps, the building management team is too small, and resources are stretched thin. Your roof replacement contractor will need this information to help you come up with a roof maintenance strategy that would work.

3. What is the history of your current roof? Try to provide as many details about its history to your roofing contractor. Try to produce related paperwork like the original estimate or contract as well as its warranty coverage. As-built or design documents as well as maintenance and repair records will be helpful.

4. Are you planning future renovations or additions to your property? If you are looking into making changes to the building, including interior renovations, you need to let your roofing contractor know. Renovations typically include changes to ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing, which may require additional roof penetrations. Remodeling that may disrupt your tenants’ operation will need to be thoroughly planned to minimize its impact.

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