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Roof Inspections After Hail Storms Can Save Your Roof

Hail over an asphalt shingles roof after a storm and water running to a gutter - Hail storm damage

Roof Inspections After Hail Storms Can Save Your Roof

American Roofing & Construction, LLC works with your homeowners’ insurance provider to process your claim so you can quickly obtain the repairs you need to make your home safe again. When hail or thunderstorms damage your roof, you need immediate repairs to prevent further damage to your home and its contents. American Roofing & Construction, LLC moves quickly to address your repairs. Hail storms causes more than $1 billion in damages in the US every year, and our fast and experienced service prevents further damages from occurring at your home or business. Call us for an inspection if you suspect hail damage because some types of hail damage aren’t visible to the naked eye.


Typical Kinds Of Hail Damage To Roofing

After any large hail storm, you should have your roof inspected by a professional roofer. Sometimes you can see loose shingles or observe them laying on the ground. That makes it simple to know that you need to have the roof repaired.


Roofing Materials Incur Different Damage Types

The type of damage incurred depends on the roofing material. Metal roofs tend to dent and develop dings that can turn into tears.

Shingles of all types can break, crack or come away from the roofing. The metal flashing that connects the roof and gutters can tear away or become damaged. This flashing seals the spaces between the roofing, gutters and the building’s framing and walls.

Any type of roofing material can leak after hail damage. Large hail often causes this type of damage. Hail can hit your roof with such force that it punches a hole into it.


Cosmetic or Functional Damages

An inspection can easily reveal if your hail damage is cosmetic or functional. Cosmetic damage means your roof will not look as nice, but its longevity and durability remain intact. This means you can put off repairs if needed. Functional damage refers to damage that causes the roof to become unstable and threaten the underlying roof structure. Functional damage requires immediate repair. These threaten the safety of your home’s residents and its contents.

Obtaining immediate repairs to any functional damage can reduce the toll on your home. While cosmetic damage only mars your curb appeal, functional damage can do extensive damage if you let it go for too long. Functional damage allows water into the home. This can cause mold and mildew to develop as well as damaging framing, wallboard, and the home’s contents.


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