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Expert Help for Roof Restoration Insurance Claims

Assistance With Insurance Claims For Roof Restoration

Seeking Roof Restoration or Repair due to Storm Damage like hail or wind? Contact us now. You don’t have to navigate insurance claims alone.

American Roofing & Construction, LLC masters the Insurance Claims process, having aided numerous clients in obtaining deserved coverage. Let us extend the same assistance to you.

Insurance Covers Hail Damage

A significant portion of our Roof Restoration and Repair endeavors arise from Hail Damage. Along the front range, hailstorms are frequent occurrences. High-speed hailstones inflict substantial harm, from Roof to Siding and Gutters. Coupled with heavy rain, destruction can escalate swiftly.

Typically, insurance policies cover professional hail damage repair to safeguard property value.

Signs You Need Roof Restoration Services

  • Obvious impact marks or dents in shingles
  • Excessive amounts of shingle granules in Gutters or on the ground
  • Cracked or broken Shingles
  • Missing Shingles
  • Leaking Roof
  • Dents in Metal Flashing & Gutters

During Damage Assessment, We’ll examine Siding and Gutters alongside the Roof.

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Get Help With Your Insurance Claim

Having a competent contractor by your side during the Insurance Claims process ensures your interests are upheld and coverage is sufficient. The moment you detect Roof or Siding Damage, reach out to document damages and initiate claim procedures. American Roofing & Construction, LLC ensures peace of mind throughout your Roof Restoration or Repair project. Contact us today in Parker (720) 594-3053 or Fort Collins (970) 465-2532– We’ll respond within 24 hours.


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