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siding installation tips

Ensuring a Smooth Siding Installation

So you’ve finalized your choice of siding material, secured funding for the project and signed on the dotted line. As the siding installation date approaches, you’ll need to prepare your home. Siding and roofing company American Roofing & Construction, LLC shares tips on how to prepare your home for siding installation.

  1. Remove Shutters and Fixtures — Go around the house and remove components that might get in the way of siding installation, such as shutters and fixtures. The downspouts may also need to be removed. Doing this days ahead can give you time to ask your shutter or gutter contractor how to safely remove (and reinstall) such components. Tie back the shrubs and other parts of the landscaping that’s close to the house.

  2. Trim the Trees — You may have heard advice from your roofer to keep the trees around your home trimmed. Sharp tree branches may poke, scratch and create holes that allow moisture intrusion. It also applies to siding, which means there should be enough clearance between the outer branches and the wall to allow for growth. It also helps clear the work areas during installation. A local arborist can trim the branches without harming the plant.

  3. Clear the Lawn, Deck and Patio — You may need to remove furniture, ornaments and other items from your lawn, deck and patio. In addition to giving siding installers space to move around in, it also provides “parking” space for the siding materials. Be careful when moving furniture from the deck as they may scratch the decking surface.

  4. Remove Wall Decor — Siding installation will involve a lot of hammering that may dislodge wall decor such as framed photos and clocks. Take the wall decor off for the duration of the siding installation, and cover nearby furniture with dust covers.

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