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Dealing with the insurance company after experiencing hail damage or other storm damage can be very frustrating. But when you hire American Roofing & Construction, LLC for the inspection and repairs, you can rest easy because we work with your insurance company on roof insurance claims in Alabama. Many of the severe storms we see here in this state bring with them the potential for hail, severe wind and even tornado damage. Hail happens to be one of the most common forms of environmental damage to roofing materials, costing nearly $1 billion each year in insurance claims throughout the United States.

Even a moderate hailstorm can cause damage to your roof. However, the damage caused by hail isn’t always immediately evident after a storm. You may not see visible signs of damage from the ground, but that doesn’t mean damage has not occurred behind the scenes. Plus, different types of roofing materials can experience different kinds of damage. The effects of hail strikes on asphalt shingles, for example, will vary according to the conditions at the time of the weather event. If hail is accompanied by rain, that moisture will cool the roof, making the asphalt harder. Hailstones striking rain-cooled, hard asphalt are more likely to loosen or displace granules.

If you suspect damage has occurred to your roof from a hail storm, you need a qualified, experienced roofer in Alabama who can assess the damage and provide all the necessary storm damage services needed to handle your insurance claim. We can help.

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