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What to Consider Before Contacting an Insurance Agent for Roof Damage

If a roofing system sustains any form of storm damage, that’s a big issue for any household and one that can sometimes be unavoidable. Luckily, if you have home insurance, your insurance provider can foot the bill for any roof replacement or repair job that has to be done in your roofing system. Before calling an insurance agent, however, it’s best that you’re prepared before anything else.

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In this post, American Roofing and Construction, LLC discusses the things every homeowner should know before they call their insurance agent.


Before calling your insurance provider, it’s in your best interest to contact a storm damage restoration contractor to inspect your property first. That way, you can receive a full inspection report that details the total damage the storm has done to your property and an estimated cost to fully restore it to its previous condition before the storm wreaked havoc in your area. If you’re at a loss on who to contact, you can call the National Storm Damage Center so they can connect you with a certified contractor at no cost to yourself.


Extent of Damage

While your roofing contractor is inspecting the roof, make sure they can determine the full extent of the damage. Have them check at your roof, windows, paint, exterior, gutters and any other place that may be affected by the storm. Have them check for leaks, flooding and water damage as well.



Before you call your insurance agent, know the materials you’ll need for the restoration job as well and as much as possible, go for the materials of the highest quality. Your insurance provider will be the ones paying for it after all and you paid for your premiums, so avoid accepting a reduced settlement when they offer it.

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