The Most Common Roof Types, Explained

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The Most Common Roof Types, Explained

If you are in the market for a new roof, you know that its shape and slope will dictate which type of roofing material and color to choose. In this post, American Roofing & Construction, LLC takes a closer look at the most common roof types found in homes across the United States.

Gable Roof

A gable roof has two sloping sides that come together at a ridge, creating an inverted V-shape. An extremely popular roof style, it is relatively easy to construct, offers excellent ventilation, and ensures effective water runoff in areas that experience rainfall.

Hip Roof

A hip roof is similar to a gable roof, but it has four sloping sides instead of two. Multi-floor homes often have this roof type because of their wide coverage. The roof also displays excellent wind resistance because of its short eaves. Moreover, the steep slopes ensure efficient rainwater and snow runoff.

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs contribute to the charm of barn-style properties. It has two slopes on each side, with one slope noticeably steeper than the other. The steep slope creates extra headroom in an attic, giving you enough space for storage or another living space.

Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs originated from a 17th-century architect named Francois Mansart. It borrows the hip roof’s four slopes on each side and adds a flat top to achieve its signature aesthetic. Like hip roofs, Mansard roofs are suitable for multi-story homes that have an interesting architectural style.

Combination Roof

Combination roofs are exactly what they sound like — a mix of two or more roof types. Multiple roof shapes can add visual interest and architectural appeal to a home. Moreover, each one provides outstanding protection against the elements.

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