4 Tips To Get Accurate Siding Estimates

4 Tips To Get Accurate Siding Estimates

With plenty of siding options available on the market, finding the best one for your home can be challenging. It’s easier to decide by knowing what type and style of siding to use and factoring in its costs.  American Roofing & Construction, LLC, a reputable local siding and roofing company, shares four tips to help you get accurate siding estimates.

1. Be Familiar With the Materials

The most popular siding materials available on the market today are wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and wood composite. Wood is a classic siding material used for centuries in New England, Victorian and Barn-style properties. Vinyl, fiber cement and wood composite are modern materials recreating wood’s texture with synthetic material benefits. Be sure to consult your siding contractor in helping find the best cost-effective choice for your home.

2. Obtain Estimates

Once you’ve decided on the type of siding for your home, it’s time to get estimates. Reach out to several local siding installer and roofer teams for quotes based on your chosen material. The size of the installation project and the type of siding will be factored in when they make their rough estimate. Lastly, ask them about any other fees you may need to know.

3. Create a Budget

A siding installation is a significant investment that plays a huge role in your home’s aesthetics and overall market value. Compare the estimates you’ve received from local siding contractors and check if your current finances can take each estimate’s added strain to it. You can make a solid decision once you’ve done the math.

4. Inspect the Work

So you’ve chosen your contractor, and the siding replacement went smoothly as expected. The only thing left to do is to check their work. Look for gaps between the panels or anything that seems off in your newly-installed siding. Let the installation team know of any issues you’ve found so they can correct them promptly. If you’ve chosen a certified siding contractor, you can expect high-quality results that are automatically protected by the manufacturer’s material and labor warranty.

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