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If there is one thing you should know about roofs it is this: Your roof is more than just your asphalt shingles. It is actually a complex system made of several key components each designed to work together to afford you and your family the best possible protection from the elements. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not understand this so in today’s post, trusted roof replacement company American Roofing & Construction, LLC shares the six key components of an asphalt shingle roof and the importance of each.

Asphalt Shingle Roof

1. Asphalt Shingles. Your asphalt shingles are the front liners. They provide the primary water-shedding surface while also giving your home a unique look.

2. Underlayment. If asphalt shingles are your front liners then the underlayment is definitely your backup. It is what lies between your shingles and roof deck and provides a secondary layer of protection from rain, snow and wind.

3. Ice and Water Barriers. This is what a roofing contractor installs to add extra protection around weak areas in your roof such as valleys, chimneys and other protrusions to prevent them from developing leaks.

4. Starter Strips. These are an important part of any asphalt shingle roof. It is the first row of sealant that aids the roof’s water-shedding function and helps prevent water penetration and blow-offs.

5. Hip and Ridge Caps. These shingles complement your regular asphalt shingles and provide the finishing aesthetic of your asphalt roof. They are installed at the peak of your roof as a protective bridge where two slopes meet to make it more weather-tight.

6. Ventilation System. Last but definitely not least is your ventilation system. This allows heat and moisture to escape from the attic and helps eliminate ice dams and prevents premature shingle damage by keeping temperatures on your roof at an optimal level.

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