How To Deal With Shingle Blow-offs

How To Deal With Shingle Blow-offs

High winds cause shingle blow-offs. The best way to deal with shingle blow-offs is to inspect your roof for damage and then repair or replace any damaged shingles before properly installing new ones. Additionally, you should install roof straps if necessary.

Inspect The Roof For Damage

The first step in dealing with shingle blow-offs is to inspect your roof for any damage. Inspect the flashing around chimneys and skylights for loose or missing shingles. You should also check the condition of your roof decking and gutter system to ensure there is no water damage or rot.

Repair or Replace Damaged Shingles

If you find any loose or missing shingles, not all is lost. You just need a roof repair. However, it is important to repair or replace the shingles as soon as possible. You should remove the old shingles and inspect the underlying roof decking for any damage before installing new ones. If there are multiple shingle blow-offs in one area, you may need to replace larger sections of your roof instead of individual shingles. You may also want to involve a roofing company if this is the case to ensure that the new shingles are installed correctly.

Install New Shingles Properly

When installing new shingles, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. Make sure you overlap each course of shingles correctly and use nails instead of staples or adhesive. Also, make sure to leave a gap between the edge of the shingle and the roof decking to ensure proper drainage.

Install Roof Straps

Roof straps will prevent your shingles from blowing off again if you install them further to secure them. Roof straps are installed along the eaves of your roof and provide additional support for your shingles. They also help prevent water infiltration by creating a seal between the shingle and the roof decking. Make sure you use corrosion-resistant screws when installing your straps for maximum longevity.

If you are experiencing shingle blow-offs, taking action as soon as possible is essential. Inspect your roof for damage and repair or replace any damaged shingles. Correctly install new shingles and use roof straps if necessary. For more information or assistance with repairing your roof, contact a professional roofer, such as American Roofing & Construction – AL, to do the job right. Our service area includes Mobile, AL, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (251) 379-9712 (Mobile) or (205) 223-2469 (Birmingham) to get started on your roof project.

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