Roof Wind Damage Explained

Understanding Roof Wind Damage: Causes and Prevention

Unveiling the Hidden Dangers: How Wind Damages Your Roof

A roof is exposed to the elements day and night, and wind can be a major factor in causing damage. While many homeowners might think that it’s strong storms that damage roofs the most, a roofer knows the truth: daily exposure to wind can be equally detrimental.

Wind is responsible for both terrible blow-offs and creeping damage that isn’t noticeable immediately. But how exactly does wind cause damage to a roof?

Uplift Created by Loss of Laminar Flow

When the wind blows, it creates a vacuum. That vacuum can have the power to lift different things, from leaves to heavy objects that become missiles during a storm, as any roofing company would tell you.

An increase in wind speed creates uplift. So does a loss of laminar flow. These two events cause a decrease in pressure above the roof.

Laminar flow is the state of air as it flows close to a surface, as air naturally tries to stay in contact with a surface. But if the surface it is close to has a break — as in a curve or a bend — the air loses contact, thus the laminar flow is lost. And this creates a vacuum. Depending on how strong the vacuum is, anything that can be lifted will be lifted into it.

Uplift Due to Location

Wind can damage certain locations on your roof. Factors that may affect this are the wind’s orientation and the shape of the roof. As wind speed and laminar flow loss occur in several areas of your roof, those areas can be sucked into a vacuum, suffering wind damage.

Uplift Caused by Positive Pressure

Whatever offers resistance to the wind creates positive pressure. So if there is anything protruding from your roof’s surface, the wind can create uplift against it. For example, a loose shingle tab offers wind resistance, so it’s highly likely that the wind — depending on its strength — will tear off that shingle.

To prevent wind damage, it’s best to schedule your roof for regular maintenance. Roof repair and regular inspections can prevent premature replacements caused by wind damage. Get in touch with American Roofing & Construction, LLC today. Call us in Mobile: (251) 379-9712 or Birmingham: (205) 223-2469. You can also tell us about your project here.

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