Should You Remove Shingles Before Installing Metal Roofs?

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Metal roofing panels installed over existing shingles, showcasing the cost-saving and insulation benefits of this roofing method explained in the blog

Should You Remove Shingles Before Installing Metal Roofs?

Changing from asphalt shingle roofs to a metal roofs is a viable option for most homeowners, but a lot of them are unfamiliar with how switching to a metal roof will actually be carried out. One of the most crucial decisions is choosing whether to remove the existing shingles before the metal panels are laid out. Is it necessary for roof replacement?


A Matter of Heat

While asphalt shingles are vulnerable to the trapped heat, metal roofing panels don’t suffer from the same problem. This is because metal sheds heat faster than any other roofing material available. In fact, this is also the main reason why any roofing contractor will say that metal roofs are great for homes in areas with a generally warm climate.


Metal Sheds Heat

Beyond aesthetics and home value, an aging roof can lead to financial consequences. As roofs deteriorate, they lose their ability to insulate and protect your home efficiently. This inefficiency can result in higher energy bills, potentially increasing your annual expenses. Additionally, old roofs can trigger rises in insurance premiums, a cost many homeowners overlook. These financial implications can accumulate, making an investment is a wise decision for long-term savings.


Other Benefits of not Removing Shingles

Aside from saving time and effort during replacement, leaving the old shingles intact also offers a few benefits. First, the old shingles can still function as a secondary layer of protection. Next, it also means that the roof replacement will contribute less debris to be cleaned up and sent to landfills. Last but not least, the money you save not removing the tiles can be spent on getting higher quality metal panels.


Roof Work By The Pros

Whether you choose to leave your shingles intact or otherwise, you still need to have your roof estimate reviewed by a certified roofing expert to figure out how much you can potentially save on your next replacement project. Furthermore, getting your new metal roof should also be done by the pros to ensure that it is installed according to manufacturer specifications.

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