How to Replace Your Home’s Gutter System

Like roof replacement projects, replacing your home’s gutter system can be a somewhat intimidating task to do, especially if you’re inexperienced in doing so. However, according to experts, with the aid of a professional, replacing your home’s gutter system can be a fairly simple job.

Here’s how you can replace your home’s gutter system.

Home’s Gutter System

Choose Your Materials

When replacing your gutters, you’ll soon find that you have an abundance of options when it comes to gutter materials. In fact, you’re more than free to pick materials such as vinyl, aluminum, steel or copper for your new gutters. Each has their own set of advantages and disadvantages and therefore, it’s highly recommended that you first learn everything you can about them before you make your choice. If needed, you can always enlist the aid of professionals to help you decide.

Decide on the Gutter Type

Once you’ve decided on your gutter material, you need to pick what type of gutters you want for your home. According to experts, you can choose between sectional and seamless gutters. If you opt for sectional, you can save a significant amount as you can easily obtain them in a home depot store and they’ll be snapped together to form the gutter length you need. However, thanks to their seams, they’re a bit more susceptible to leaks.

If you have the budget for it, meanwhile, you can also opt to have a gutter and roofing contractor install seamless gutters instead, which are more custom-sized to fit your roof. While they’re a bit more costly, seamless gutters give you the added benefit of preventing leaks in the long run thanks to their lack of seams.

Hire a Professional

Finally, after you’ve decided on your materials and gutter type, experts recommend that you hire a professional to help you install your home’s new gutter system. As much as possible, avoid trying to DIY the job as doing so can leave you vulnerable to mistakes that can damage your new gutters earlier than expected.

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