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If you happen to live near busy areas—a busy road or an airport—your home may need some additional noise reduction for your home’s exterior. In today’s post, local siding and roofing contractor American Roofing & Construction, LLC discusses how the right siding can help make your home quieter. Noise Reduction

Exterior Wall Insulation

Most types of residential exterior walls have insulation installed in the framing. Depending on how the walls are constructed, it may have concrete or rigid foam boards, fiberglass blankets, recycled paper or expanding foam. Insulation is installed to help reduce thermal transfer and maintain consistent indoor temperatures. What many people don’t realize is that most types of wall insulation can also absorb vibrations, including sound. Under most conditions, insulation can significantly reduce noise between indoor and outdoor spaces.

How Can Siding Replacement Help Reduce Noise?

What about homeowners who live near busy areas? If your home is located near an industrial zone, a busy thoroughfare or a police or fire station, noise would be part of your daily routine. This is fine for people who leave their homes for work during the day. But with most of us staying and even working at home these days, you’ll want a quieter environment. The right type of siding can make your virtual meeting or consultation for a roof estimate much more productive.

Vinyl siding has inherent properties that help insulate against noise frequencies that happen to be within the range of human speech, which makes it ideal for crowd noises and lower frequencies, like those emitted by vehicles. Stone and organic materials, on the other hand, are capable of reducing high frequencies like those emitted by power tools and sirens. When discussing siding options with your siding contractor, make sure you mention that you’re looking for options that allow noise reduction.

Other Ways You Can Improve Noise Reduction

Other parts of your home’s exterior can be improved upon for noise reduction. Replacement windows with insulated glass can help reduce noise. Triple-pane glass can help reduce noise better than standard double-pane options. If you are looking into replacing your entry door, a solid wood sash has more mass, which can help block noise better than standard metal or composite doors.

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