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Siding And Trim Color Combinations To Enhance Your Exterior

When the colors of your siding and trim complement each other, the overall exterior of your home is elevated from ordinary to something more eye-catching. If you’re looking for inspiration for a great color combination, check out this essential list.

Trim Colors For White Homes

  • White. The quintessential combination of white-colored siding and trim smoothly unifies the various accents of a home. This palette gives off the impression of a traditional home with the clean, sleek flair of modernity.

  • Tan. Because white is a neutral color, a home with a white exterior is often best paired with tan-colored siding to create a warm and inviting feeling.

Trim Colors For Blue Homes

  • White. Nothing screams “American classic” than a blue home with white trim. Whether the shade of blue is as dark as the nighttime sky or as light as mist, you simply cannot go wrong with white trim to match.

  • Gray. A blue exterior accented with gray trim recalls familiar home styles like Colonials and Cape Cods but with new-fashioned panache.

Trim Colors For Tan Or Beige Homes

  • Beige. A residence with tan-colored siding and beige trim emanates an earthy appeal to onlookers. Seeing as tan and beige are both from the color family of brown, matching them with each other is as easy as pie.

  • Tan. If you want a lighter shade for most of your exterior, use beige siding and accentuate it with tan trim.

Trim Colors For Green Homes

  • White. While green-colored siding is sometimes considered vintage, it becomes more current when spruced up with the brightness of white trim.

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