The Importance Of Knowing The Age Of Your Roofing System

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The Importance Of Knowing The Age Of Your Roofing System

When you want your roof inspected by a professional contractor, expect them to ask a few important questions to better understand your situation. One of them is arguably the most common: “How old is your roof?” The answer to this question is crucial not just for you but for the professionals who’ll work on your roof. Trusted roofer American Roofing & Construction, LLC explains why.

Why Do You Need To Know Your Roof’s Age?

Knowing the exact age of your roofing system allows your contractor to have a better idea of the type of solution they will want to implement to address whatever issues your roof might have. Your roof is, after all, constantly exposed to the weather and the elements, and any damage can compromise its durability, longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

The age of your roof also helps you determine whether your roof is nearing the end of its life span. Asphalt shingle roofs, for instance, can last about 20 years with proper maintenance, while others like metal, tile and slate have longer life spans. The closer your roof is to the end of its life span, the more likely it is to need replacing.

How Can You Know Your Roof’s Age?

You can figure out your roof’s age through the following:

  • Receipts. Check for receipts, invoices and other documentation papers from your roofing company. The date of the last replacement should be written on the receipts, and this will be the basis of your roof’s age. It’s always good to have documentation of all work done on your roof, not just the replacement.

  • Inspection. If you bought your home recently and are not aware of its age, ask the previous homeowners. If they can’t provide the necessary information, the next best thing is to have an inspection done. Your local roofing contractor will help determine the age of your roof and how much time it has left.

So, how old is your roof? If you’re unsure of its age, get in touch with the reliable professionals of American Roofing & Construction, LLC. We’re here to help with your roof repair, inspection, maintenance and replacement needs. Call us at (251) 379-9712 if you live in Mobile or (205) 223-2469 if you live in Birmingham, AL. You may also fill out our contact form for a free estimate.

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