Is Fiber Cement Better Than Vinyl Siding?

Choosing Between Fiber Cement and Vinyl Siding | American Roofing & Construction, LLC

Before you make decisions on the siding and roof estimate you received for your exterior renovation, it’s important to take some time to choose your materials carefully. When it comes to siding, two of the biggest players are vinyl and fiber cement. While both of these types of siding offer their own set of pros and cons, they both have advantages that make them the right choice in certain situations.

Understanding the differences and similarities between vinyl and fiber cement siding can help you make the right decision for your exterior renovation. Let our remodeling professionals at American Roofing & Construction, LLC walk you through these two versatile materials and their many benefits.

Curb Appeal

In the past, these materials offered by a siding and roofing contractor were criticized for their lack of design options. Today, they have come a long way in making your home look its best. Vinyl can come in a wide variety of colors that are mixed into the material itself while fiber cement can need occasional repainting. This, however, allows you more flexibility when it comes to design.

Energy Efficiency

Either one of these materials can work well in almost any type of climate. Vinyl, however, shines best in areas that require plenty of protection from the heat as it is a better insulator than fiber cement. There are options to enhance their energy efficiency through the use of added foam layers should your home be in an area that experience wild temperature swings all year-round.

Durability and Maintenance

Just like you don’t want to undergo a roof replacement every few years, you certainly want to choose a material that can last as long as possible. Fiber cement outlasts vinyl by a long shot but that is not to say vinyl’s 15-20 years of life span is something to scoff at. As far as maintenance is concerned, both materials are durable and require very little care.

Whether you’re looking for vinyl or fiber cement siding, our professionals at American Roofing & Construction, LLC will be more than happy to help you out. Call us today at (251) 379-9712 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

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