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Navigating Insurance Claims After Storm Damage | American Roofing & Construction, LLC

Handling Roof Damage from Storms: Navigating the Insurance Claims Process

Natural disasters may damage your roof. Storms can cause missing shingles, while others might result in severe leaks. In such cases, you will need a professional roofing company that can assess these problems. Whether these issues are easy fixes or more challenging ones, a trustworthy contractor can help see you through the insurance claims process after a storm.

Storms are one of the most common disasters that homeowners can encounter. How do you navigate the insurance claims process after the storm has damaged your roof?

Assessing Damage and Initiating the Insurance Claim

Sometimes, during hail storms, the extent of damage it has caused your roof will not be immediately identifiable. An expert roofer can identify the extent of the damage by going behind the scenes.

This is the initial step that has to be done to file the insurance. The initial estimated cost of roof repair will be established. American Roofing & Construction will be willing to assist you in this step. Our technicians are well-trained for this job. Our labor and workmanship are top-notch and will truly deliver comfort to any home.

Filing your Claim and Meeting with the Adjuster

After the assessment, filing your claim will be next. Meeting with the adjuster is important to initiate the process of the claim and they will explain to you the extent of damage that occurred.

Choosing Materials and Colors for Roof Repair After the Storm

Once the extent of damage has been identified, choosing materials and colors for the roof repair will be next. This is the enjoyable part for you as you can choose a new look for your home.


After construction, an inspection of the construction will be assessed to ensure high-quality standards have been properly delivered.

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