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Professional Seamless Gutters Installation by American Roofing & Construction, LLC

3 Vital Questions to Ask Your Seamless Gutters Installer

Choosing a seamless gutters installer? Gutters are one of the unsung heroes when it comes to keeping your home dry and your roofing system intact. Needless to say, gutters are crucial to a well-maintained home. So, if you’re a homeowner looking to install new gutters, your best bet would be seamless gutters.

Before you pull the trigger and buy them, here are the three of the most important questions about seamless gutters that you should ask your installer.

1. Of What Are Seamless Gutters Made?

Seamless gutters are usually made of galvanized steel, which is a material that’s definitely higher grade and more durable than the aluminum or vinyl gutters available to the average DIYer. Since seamless gutters are of higher quality than most gutter systems on the market, they stand a better chance against a slew of damage caused by the elements, particularly water.

2. Do Seamless Gutters Come in Different Colors?

You usually see gutters that, while efficient, lack visual appeal. You’ll be happy to know that seamless gutters come in a wide array of colors other than tan and beige. Most gutter manufacturers even offer up to 25 different colors to match any type of home and any shade of exterior.

3. What’s the Installation Process for Continuous Gutters?

Gutter installation process is pretty standard across the board. However, seamless gutters have to be “manufactured” and assembled right on your property. Once the pieces have been formed, they’ll be brought up to your roofline and installed in place using fasteners and drills.

Keep in mind that seamless gutter installation might look easy when being performed by the pros, but it is definitely not a DIY job. If you want your gutters installed properly, don’t think twice about hiring a reputable installer, such as our team at American Roofing & Construction, LLC.

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