How To Resolve Storm-damaged Siding

How To Resolve Storm-damaged Siding

After a storm passes your area, it can cause severe damage to your siding. You will need to have your siding repaired or replaced if it has sustained severe damage. It can be stressful for some homeowners to deal with this situation, which is why your trusted siding contractor and roofer in the area, American Roofing & Construction, LLC, shares how you can resolve storm-damaged siding.

Look For A Suitable Replacement

When you’re going to replace your siding, it can be difficult at times to find the exact same siding panels. This holds true if the siding manufacturer no longer produces your old siding, or if they’ve gone out of business. Don’t fret, since this is a great opportunity to re-side your home, and find similar, or better siding alternatives to improve your home’s exterior and performance. It’s also worth checking your insurance policy if it will fully cover the siding replacement cost.


Signs Of Siding Damage To Watch Out For

Your siding and roof repair expert will tell you that certain materials like vinyl are naturally durable, easy to maintain, and have a great appearance. However, they can get damaged during a storm. Here are some of the signs of siding damage you should look out for:

  1. Cracking. You might spot cracks that run parallel to the siding. They appear in half circles on the gaps, ridges and valleys of your siding.

  2. Chipping. You might find out that bits and pieces of your siding have broken off. These chipped-off panels can be found below your siding panel ridge where there is the least impact protection. It can be spotted when you’re looking up from your panel section.

  3. Breaking and Holes. Once a storm passes, you might notice holes or broken siding panels caused by hailstones and debris. You should have a siding replacement at this point since your siding is no longer efficient and functional.

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