How Do Vertical And Horizontal Siding Compare?

How Do Vertical And Horizontal Siding Compare?

Homeowners looking to replace their home’s exterior siding are presented with two primary types of paneling: horizontal and vertical. It can be daunting when choosing the right siding for your home, so American Roofing & Construction, LLC, the best local siding expert and roofer in town, compares the two types in this post.

Overview of Horizontal Siding

Horizontal siding is the most traditional of all types of siding and still remains popular today. It is typically made from vinyl, fiber cement board, wood shingles or shakes. Many homeowners who desire a more classic look choose horizontal siding for its timeless appeal.

According to the best local siding and roofing company, the advantages of horizontal siding are:

  • Affordability

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Made from highly durable material that can protect homes against damage due to moisture infiltration or extreme weather conditions

Overview of Vertical Siding

Vertical siding consists of a higher number of panels than horizontal ones. This type of paneling is often made from vinyl, steel and fiber cement board. They typically have overlapping edges as part of their aesthetic and function. As long as it has been pre-treated against moisture, vertical siding suits homes often faced with heavy rain or snowfall.

The advantages of vertical siding are:

  • Improved energy efficiency due to its dual-layered insulation properties that create tighter seals around windows/doors and increased durability against extreme weather conditions.

  • Longer lifespan and lower maintenance requirements

  • Aesthetically pleasing woodgrain and smooth finishes

  • Design versatility with shapes and textures

  • Flame retardant properties

Comparison of Horizontal and Vertical Siding


Horizontal siding is often much more affordable than its counterpart because you’ll only need fewer pieces per square foot of installation. However, if budget is a major concern, vinyl vertical panels can be just as affordable because they are mass-produced with less expensive processes.


Both styles have excellent durability. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, high humidity and cold temperatures. However, horizontal wood paneling may need repairs more often as it’s more vulnerable to water damage.


With little effort required from the homeowner regarding cleaning, both types rank high on this factor.

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