What You Need to Know About Metal Roofs

learn about metal roofs and its benefits

Discover the Benefits and Considerations of Metal Roofing

A metal roof can boost your home’s value, energy efficiency and protection. It comes in a wide range of styles, textures and colors. With just minimal maintenance, this material can last for more than 50 years.


Here are more facts about metal roofs from your trusted roofing contractor, American Roofing and Construction, LLC.


Metal Roofs Don’t Attract Lightning

There is no scientific evidence that metal roofs can increase the likelihood of a lightning strike. In the rare event that a metal roof gets struck by lightning, it’s less likely to combust than traditional roofing materials like wood shakes or shingles.

Moreover, lightning looks for a path to ground that’s why trees and telephone poles can attract lightning. Metal roofs don’t have a direct path to the ground in their structure. It means their risk of getting struck by lightning is just the same as any other roofing material.


Metal Roofing Is Also a Great Low-Slope Roof Option

It’s a common misconception that you can only use metal for steeply-pitched roofs. Standing seam metal is ideal for low-slope roof replacement. Contractors install this type of roofing in large sheets with seams, raised up and joined together tightly to prevent leaks.


Metal Roofs Are More Energy-Efficient

Industry studies found that metal roofs reflect solar radiant heat, reducing energy costs by 10 to 25 percent. Those who live in areas where cooling costs are higher than heating costs can benefit from a metal roof with a shiny or granular coating. These special coatings can maximize the reflective properties of the roof and increase energy savings.


Metal Roofs Resist Rot, Fire and Insect Damage

Metal roofs are virtually fireproof, making them an ideal option for areas prone to wildfires. You don’t have to worry about insect damage as termites don’t feed on metal roofing. Metal roofing doesn’t rot and promote mildew growth. Since it absorbs solar heat quickly, snow slides off faster than traditional roofing.

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