The Top 4 Roof Damage Culprits Revealed!

Top 4 Things That Can Damage Your Roof

The Top 4 Roof Damage Culprits Revealed!

Protecting the inside of your home is essential if you want the structure to stay strong. Unfortunately, some things can happen to your roof and cause damage. Often, natural elements play a role in this havoc. Remedying any problems that occur as quickly as possible is typically recommended. Taking this action can help ensure your roof stays intact. Here are four top issues that can damage your roof.

1. Trees Can Cause Damage to Your Roof Quickly

Trees can add beauty to the surrounding area of your property. However, their limbs and heavy branches can also become a danger if left unattended. You may have one or more break and fall on your residence. Having this occur can be detrimental, especially if the branch is heavy. You’ll likely end up having to hire a professional roofing company to provide a suitable roof repair. Using a top company located in Mobile, AL, may be your best choice to make when you’re in this position.

2. Watching for Wind Damage Is Critical

If you ever have strong winds in the area where your house is sitting, they may blow the shingles off your roof. Also, you’ll want to watch for damage around the edges of each shingle. Violent wind gusts are known for their ability to cause this problem. Inspecting your roof and yard after experiencing strong winds is usually advised after a fierce storm has happened. If any shingles were detached from your structure, they might be lying on the ground around your property. To perform this action, you can inspect your roof from the ground. When you notice damage, contacting a professional roofer is usually best. They have the skills and equipment to get the job done efficiently, safely, and correctly.

3. Damage From Animals

Animals are also notorious for causing roof damage. Typical culprits can include birds, squirrels, and mice. If you have raccoons or bats around, they can also cause severe roofing problems. Specific birds, such as woodpeckers, may search for insects by tapping on roof shingles. Doing so can cause damage quickly by breaking up the structure of the shingle. Ensuring you don’t have any bats in your house is also critical. The damage they can cause usually occurs when they chew into walls and installation. Do you have raccoons roaming around the neighborhood? They are known to damage shingles by pulling them off your roof. Keeping an eye on these animals is probably worthwhile.

4. Sun Damage

Having the sun beat down on your roof daily in the hot summers of Mobile, AL, can also take a toll due to its ultraviolet rays. Unless you have planted a few trees to provide shade, there’s not much you can do to prevent this type of damage from occurring. If you reside in an area with hot, sunny skies, using a few trees to stop the damage is usually your best option. Living in a region where exposure to the sun is more prevalent means you probably need to check for damage more often.

Protect Your Roof Today!

One of the main points to remember is to examine and monitor your roof regularly. Doing so can keep you ahead of any significant problems. Contact us at American Roofing & Construction for all your roofing needs. Protect your home and ensure your peace of mind today!

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