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The Fascia Board’s Role On Your Roof And Home

Your roof isn’t only made of shingles and flashing. It also consists of other components that aren’t as visible but are nonetheless vital to the system’s overall performance. Fascia boards, for instance, protect your home from the elements while giving your roof a finishing trim that completes the look of your home. Local roofing contractor American Roofing & Construction, LLC is here to explain the importance of the fascia board to your home.

What Is A Fascia Board?

The fascia board is generally a piece of wood installed at the edge of the roof. However, some fascia boards are made of aluminum, vinyl, PVC or plastic.

Homeowners tend to get confused between the fascia board and soffit. The former runs along the edge of your roof while the soffit is underneath the fascia board. These boards are installed to make sure that moisture is kept away from your home’s structure. This is done by hiding the trusses and rafters holding your roof in place. Meanwhile, soffits cover the underside of your roof overhang and are usually perforated to allow for passive attic ventilation.

What Is The Importance Of A Fascia Board?

One of the most important roles of the fascia board is that it holds the gutters in place. Without the fascia board, there is no sturdy spot on which to install or attach your gutter system. Roof replacement professionals recommend keeping your gutters free of debris to keep the fascia board stable. Gutter clogs can cause water runoff to back up on the roof and expose the fascia board to moisture damage.

Another important role of the fascia board is to help prevent leaks. Without the fascia board, rain can easily enter underneath your roof and cause water to leak into your home. Covering the edge of your roof with fascia board also deters rodents, birds and other animals from infiltrating your attic and turning it into their breeding grounds.

In addition to installing high-performance GAF roofing systems, American Roofing & Construction, LLC also repairs or replaces your soffits, fascia boards or gutters. Count on our team of experienced roofers to use only the best materials and provide top-notch workmanship. To get a free roof estimate, give us a call today at (251) 379-9712 or (205) 223-2469.

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