How Wind and Hail Damage a Roof

When installed by a reputable roofing company, modern roofing systems can withstand most types of extreme weather conditions without sustaining any damage. This resistance, however, decreases the more your roof ages. Eventually, even the best roofs will face a particularly strong storm that can cause enough trouble to warrant a replacement.

Hail Damage a Roof

Before this time comes, your roof may still endure several storms that can leave it damaged and compromised. Storm damage can be hard to spot, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are a few tips from our experts at American Roofing & Construction, LLC on how to identify storm damage on your roof.

Strong Winds

High winds can lead to frequent roof repair jobs. The tricky part about wind damage is that they rarely happen in one fell swoop. Wind damage occurs over a period of time, lifting, bending and cracking individual shingles before ultimately blowing them cleanly off your roof. Watch out for signs of cracking on the shingles, especially in corners and edges as these are the most prone to strong winds.

Impact Forces

When hail or debris hits your roof, they can knock the shingle off its nails or, at the very least, cause some loss in granulation. Keep an eye out for any visible debris on your roof after a storm. Impact damage can also appear as cracks and dents on the shingles, which can be fairly easy to see even from the ground.

How to Minimize Storm Damage

As soon as the storm passes, call your local roofer for a thorough inspection right away. In case your roof has sustained damage, your roofer can provide you with a report that can supplement the findings of your insurance adjuster. Make sure it’s safe to go outside before doing a quick visual inspection of your home. Take photographs of the affected areas and document all the problems you can spot.

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