How To Prevent Shingle Blow-offs

How To Prevent Shingle Blow-offs

In the wake of severe storms, many households face a common issue: shingle blow-offs. A shingle blow-off is when one or more asphalt shingles become loose due to strong wind and hail damage. Understanding what causes it can help you stay on top of your exterior maintenance.

Common Causes of Shingle Blow-offs

The most common cause of shingle blow-off is age. If your asphalt shingles are nearing 20 years old, chances are they are more prone to damage when exposed to strong storms. Poor attic ventilation can also contribute to these occurrences as increased temperatures will make the material softer and more susceptible to elements like hail or wind. This can cause the shingles to become worn down over time and much easier to dislodge from the structure.

Preventative Measures

Fortunately, you can do a few things to help prevent shingle blow-offs. Regular inspections by a reputable roofer can help identify weak spots in the roofing material and potential areas for water leakage before they become an issue. Also, checking for proper insulation and attic ventilation helps regulate temperatures on hot summer days. Replacing aging shingles with newer, more resilient materials may reduce their chances of blowing off during storms.

How To Deal With Shingle Blow-offs

If you’re dealing with shingle blow-offs, it’s best to act quickly and replace the shingles as soon as possible. Not only will this prevent a more significant problem from occurring in the future, but it also helps save on energy bills by cutting down on waste spots that could let cold air escape. Ensure your roofing company inspects other sections of your roof after replacing the missing shingles to ensure no additional issues arise from potential wind or hail damage.

Let American Roofing & Construction, LLC Look Out For You

The best way to combat shingle blow-offs is through preventative maintenance. Perform annual inspections to identify any potential roof repair needs before getting into deeper issues. If you are dealing with a shingle blow-off, it is critical to get the issue addressed promptly by American Roofing & Construction, LLC. We’re here to help with any replacement or repair needs. Call us at (251) 379-9712 (Mobile) or (205) 223-2469 (Birmingham), or send us a message online.

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