Fallen Leaves: How Can They Harm Your Roof?

Fallen Leaves: How Can They Harm Your Roof?

Regular inspections, routine maintenance and prompt repairs are some of the best ways to delay the need for a roof replacement. Another thing that can contribute to the longevity of your roof is trimming any trees surrounding your property. Fallen debris and leaves can cause several issues to develop on your shingles.

Read on to discover the consequences of allowing leaves to accumulate on your roof.

What Can Fallen Leaves Do To Your Roof?

Moisture-Related Issues

Leaves that land and build up on your roof can retain moisture. After rain, accumulated leaves can form wet clumps on top of shingles. When not removed, they can encourage mold growth and eventually cause leaks. Removing leaves immediately and scheduling regular maintenance with a reputable roofing contractor will help you avoid water damage.

Structural Damage

Over time, the leaves on your roof will accumulate and get heavy. The added weight of debris can compromise the structural integrity of your roof. Worst-case scenario, the structure will start to sag and eventually collapse.

How do You Avoid These Issues?

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Gutters are essential for draining water on your roof and diverting it away from your property. Regular cleaning can help keep gutters efficient and prevent blockages. Clogged gutters will cause water to back up to the shingles and soak fallen leaves, causing serious roofing issues.

Trim Back Trees

The best way to minimize fallen leaves on your roof is to trim back trees around your property. This also reduces the risk of wind-driven, debris-related problems during extreme weather. Aside from leaves, branches and limbs can scratch and penetrate shingles.

With regular roof inspections, you’ll be able to spot debris that can potentially damage your roof. At American Roofing & Construction, LLC, we’re here to help you keep your roof in good shape. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free roof estimate. Call us at (251) 379-9712 (Mobile) or (205) 223-2469 (Birmingham). You can also fill out our contact form to learn more about our services.

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