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Contrary to what the name suggests, flat roofs aren’t actually completely flat. In order to work well, a flat roof must have a slight pitch or slope to aid in proper drainage. While they are not as effective as traditional sloped roofs in getting rid of excess water, flat roofs have their own unique advantages, such as ease of access and installation. In today’s post, roof replacement experts American Roofing & Construction, LLC. shares how proper drainage is achieved for flat roofing systems.

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How Does Drainage Work in a Flat Roof?

A properly installed flat roof should contain different ridges and valleys that use gravity to channel water into appropriate areas to avoid water pooling that can cause tremendous damage to your roofing system.

In a home with a sloped roof, this really isn’t an issue because gravity does all of the work for you. A roofing contractor will use several methods to ensure that rainwater drains where you want it to.

Scupper Drains

Scupper drains are commonly used in flat roofs that have a parapet or other types of barrier that encloses your roof. They are open holes or channels that are cut directly into the roof edge. Scuppers are usually attached to a downspout or a pipe that directs water away from your building.

Siphonic Roof Drains

Siphonic drains utilize a siphoning system that typically results in quicker drainage and can employ horizontal leaders instead of sloped pipes which rely on gravity alone. These are commonly used in commercial buildings and will cost more than other flat roof drainage systems. The main advantage of siphonic drains is that they require very little maintenance to keep it running smoothly.

Inner Roof Drains

Inner roof drains include a low section or channel that collects rainwater and feeds it into a concealed drain leading to an underground drainage system. Inner drains are usually hidden from view and are resistant to freezing but their main drawback is that they will usually require frequent maintenance to prevent drainage problems.

If you are interested in installing a flat roof or are having drainage issues with your existing one, be sure to give American Roofing & Construction, LLC a call at (251) 379-9712. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation and receive a free roof estimate.

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