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How Downspout Extensions Can Benefit Your Gutters

There are many different ways to protect your home’s visual appeal and keep it intact. Besides having your roof and siding routinely inspected by professionals, you should also consider installing downspout extensions for your gutter system. This is an affordable and effective way to protect your home’s exteriors, foundation, and as long as it’s installed properly by a professional roofing contractor, it can prevent the foundation from breaking down due to direct water damage coming from your gutters.


How Do Downspout Extensions Work?

During a thunderstorm, your gutter system works like a funnel, collecting water runoff from your roof and channels it into the narrow downspouts. The water builds up momentum as it runs down your gutters, so it exits the downspout with a fair amount of force. A downspout extension carries the water to a safe distance from your home to prevent water damage over time. Otherwise, a large concentration of water can directly hit the ground around your home’s foundation which can lead to erosion, rot and other types of damage over time.


How Downspout Extensions Protect Your Home?

With a downspout extension installed by a professional gutter and roof replacement contractor, you’ll prevent flood damage from affecting your home. This is because the extensions can safely channel the water away from your home even during heavy rainstorms! A downspout extension helps drain rainwater water more efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about puddles, mud, and standing water forming around your home’s foundation. 


Of course, the foundation isn’t the only element of your home that downspout extensions can protect. A well-placed downspout extension can siphon excess water and channel it safely away from your plants and flower beds around your home’s perimeter. This can help protect your garden and greenery which can otherwise affect its curb appeal during rains and thunderstorms. 


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