Common DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes

Avoid Common DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes | American Roofing & Construction

Gutters help protect your home from water-related damage, but installing them can be tricky. In today’s post, we’ll explore the most Common DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes homeowners often make. Whether you’re considering DIY or professional installation, understanding these Common DIY Gutter Installation Mistakes is crucial to ensure your gutters perform their essential role.

Choosing the Wrong Gutter Type

Gutters may come only in two styles—traditional half-round and modern K-style, to be precise—but gutter selection involves more than just choosing what looks good. Calculating the right gutter size involves several factors, from the roof’s slope to the highest recorded rainfall, which varies per area. One has to make sure that the gutters will be able to handle any amount of rain that comes off the roof.

Material selection is also an important factor, as materials like copper have lower maintenance requirements than standard galvanized steel gutters. These materials are typically available through gutter professionals because of the training and equipment needed to install them. If you’re having second thoughts about the cost of DIY vs. professional installation, ask for a gutter and roof estimate.

Incorrectly Pitching the Gutters

They may look perfectly level from the ground, but gutters are actually slightly pitched towards the downspouts. This helps prevent standing water in the gutters, which can cause corrosion and encourage mosquito growth. Proper pitch also helps maintain gutter efficiency. DIYers often make the mistake of using too steep a pitch or not pitching the gutters at all. The key is to calculate the proper pitch, which, like gutter sizing, also involves several factors. This is something you don’t have to worry about when working with professionals.

Improper Hanger Placement

Gutters are attached to the roof fascia using gutter hangers, which can vary depending on the roof and gutter styles. Before the first gutter hanger is installed, their spacing is calculated to ensure even distribution across the gutter length. High amounts of rainfall carry a lot of force, and can tear improperly-placed hangers down, which, again, is something you don’t have to worry about when you work with gutter professionals.

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